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It’s very unfortunate news, but crap happens. Here’s a comment from one WordPress user on the WordPress news release:

Thanks for the update team. Crap happens, but you’re always keeping us up to date. Much appreciated. Hopefully no one was exposed too badly. was hacked today. Matt Mullenweg announced on the WordPress blog that the breach was a low-level (root) break in to their servers. Potentially their entire source code was copied and user information. Fortunately Matt says the user information is very well encrypted and even if someone got access to passwords they would have a very difficult time decrypting anything.

It’s not unusual for companies to get hacked. Heck, you probably wouldn’t be on this website reading this if your own site hadn’t been hacked. Most of our users understand that hacking is the unfortunate evil in the business that will likely touch everyone’s websites. But you can do many things to protect yourself and prevent many of the attacks that happen to most wordpress users.

I guess the take home message was exactly what Matt advised everyone about basic security information.

  • Use a strong password, meaning something random with numbers and punctuation.
  • Use different passwords for different sites.
  • If you have used the same password on different sites, switch it to something more secure.

Thank you WordPress for your transparency and acknowledging the attack so quickly. That gives users peace of mind knowing the company behind their website platform is quick on their feet. It also gives us a chance as users to check our password protection before anything bad potentially happens.

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