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Why the &%$# Did They Hack My Site?!?

Hackers suck. In fact, hackers are those little pests in school that always like to shoot spit-wads at the back of your head. They are the creeps that spit out their gum on the floor. They are the pigs that clog toilets in the only stall in a public restroom. They are the scum that sprays obscene graffiti on a freshly painted wall. Get the point? Hackers suck!

So why do they want to hack your wordpress website?

I have found that there are generally 3 types of hackers…

  1. Hobbyist Hackers. They do it because they can. It’s their little game they like to play from the dark cellars of their evil dens. Instead of tossing a baseball or playing card games, they like to lock themselves in a dark room, crank up Metallica, and pat themselves on the back for hacking as many blogs as they can.
  2. Spam Marketers. In my opinion these are the most irritating type of hackers. They don’t just want to hack your site and leave a message about how smart they are. Quite the opposite in fact. They want to try to hide any evidence they were on your site and insert little hidden links and comments back to their spammy male erection magic pill websites. They are the same jerks that fill your inbox with spam. Because of their sneaky practices, you may not notice them in time before Google and Yahoo blacklist your site as a spam website and ruin any chance of you ever ranking in the search engines again. These hackers spray their spam graffiti all over your website code then move on to the next website without even caring who you are.
  3. Identity Thieves. Although less common than the spam marketers, this type of hacker is just as dangerous if not the scariest type of hacker out there. This type of hacker is a thief, pure and simple. They are searching your website for any snippet of personal identity they can find. That could be name, email, social network profiles, friend relationships, even customer information if you offer products for sale on your site. Don’t think identity theft is serious? Look at these statistics…
    • 11.1 million adults were victims of identity theft in 2009
    • The total fraud amount was $54 billion
    • The average victim spent 21 hours and $373 out of pocket resolving the crime
    • 4.8% of the population was a victim of identity fraud in 2009
    • 13% of identity fraud crimes were committed by someone the victim knew

    And those are just the easiest quantifiable statistics to quote. What about all the time people spend trying to figure out what happened and all the time involved in solving their case? Or what about the loss of sleep? The higher stress level?

I think you get the point. Hackers don’t care about you.

Whatever the reason why these hackers decide to pry and poke at your website, you CAN do some things to keep them out. There are a number of ways to protect yourself and sleep better at night. I wish we could just quarantine all hackers on a deserted island far away, but the truth is there will always be a hacker lurking around your site so you have the responsibility as a website owner to do your best to keep them out.

You wouldn’t leave your front door open to your home when you go to bed. So why leave your wordpress website unprotected? Stop wordpress hackers now!

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