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JetPack For WordPress Ties Together WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org – Finally!

JetPack Plugin For WordPressPeople often get confused between the 2 versions of WordPress. There’s the .COM and the .ORG. In short, the .COM version is much like Blogger or any other online blog service–you log into their site and set up your blog. The .ORG is the self-hosted solution–meaning website owners install wordpress on their own web hosting service and have a lot more freedom to change just about anything they want on the site. Stop WordPress Hackers is built using the self-hosted .ORG version. That’s the same version of WordPress you see inside hosts like Bluehost, Hostgator, and Dreamhost where you can one-click install your wordpress website.

The .COM version of WordPress often gets updates to the service that take a while or even never get released to the self-hosted .ORG versions. Until today! Automattic (the owners of WordPress) has heard you, and they’ve released a new official WordPress plugin called Jetpack!

JETPACK now closes those tiny gaps between and the self-hosted WordPress blogs (, including some built-in features like stats, shortcodes, shortlinks and social sharing tools.

So, what does that single plugin bring to your WordPress blog? features, which include Stats, Twitter Widget, Gravatar Hovercards, Shortlinks, Sharedaddy (social sharing buttons), LaTeX (maths & equations), After the Deadline and Shortcode Embeds. It also looks like 4 more features are soon to be released, presumably in a future update, so stay tuned.

So why should I install this plugin? I already have plugins that do those things.

One word–convenience. Although there are certainly other plugins out there that accomplish the same tasks, the keyword is “plugins” with an “-S” on the end. It takes multiple plugins to accomplish these things, and it’s just not as convenient to manage everything when you have to update and maintain multiple plugins at once. Also, those various plugins are developed by outside programmers and can have bugs, interfere with other plugins, or even worse… break your site completely! I for one would rather have just one plugin that has been tested on thousands and millions of .COM wordpress installations and is often updated and maintained by the WordPress crew themselves.

Just one less thing to worry about on your website! Now go download the plugin… it’s free.

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