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I’m Not Using the Latest Version of WordPress. Should I Panic?

A swarm of hackers and their robots are lurking around your website. Do you think you should panic? Absolutely! Well… don’t do anything drastic. You don’t need to scream that the sky is falling, but you do need to take action quickly. Calm down and take a deep breath because you can most likely fix your current situation relatively easily.

As companies hire me to consult or do some custom work for their websites, I am often left in head-shaking disbelief at how many of these companies completely ignore the messages WordPress publishes at the top of your wordpress dashboard. Those messages that notify you of updates are annoying on purpose. Would you keep driving your car for another 10,000 miles after the Check Engine light flashed and your break pedal stopped working?

Version 2.7 of WordPress was released December 11, 2008 and introduced automatic upgrades. If you haven’t ever noticed automatic upgrade notices, you are a couple years past due for a necessary upgrade.

Version 3.0 of WordPress was released June 17,2010. Many security holes were patched and in general it is pretty much bug free. In fact, at Wordcamp Utah on August 28, 2010 listened to Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) as he joked with the crowd about the alarming success of WordPress 3.0. He said that the wordpress team was actually quite surprised at how well things were going because there were so few complaints about bugs or security holes. They generally receive floods of complaint tickets about problems with a new release, but it seemed that 3.0 had reached the “perfection” mark. He then admitted that nothing can ever be perfect, but he was pleased with the success from the latest version.

Don’t leave your site in the dust with an old version of wordpress. Do what you can to get your site updated to the latest version of wordpress quickly and benefit from all the hard work the wordpress team puts into securing wordpress security holes.

Matt Mullenweg

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