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I’m Just Using WordPress As A Blog. So I Don’t Have To Worry. Right?

First of all, WordPress is much more than a blogging system. Go back in time several years ago and WordPress was, in fact, basically just a blogging platform. People wanted to write little online journals and ramble on about their kids, and their wonderful family trips, and their fun book club, and gossip, gossip, gossip. But now people are starting to understand the true potential of one of the largest platforms in the world… oh wait, did I say “one of the largest platforms” in the world? I meant to say “the LARGEST content management system platform in the world. As of August 2010, version 3.0 had been downloaded over 12.5 million times.

I don’t remember how I used to build websites before the reign of WordPress. Well, actually that’s not true. I used to code basic xHTML with some PHP includes and maybe a few javascript snippets to make things a little “fancier.” And before that I would make a messy Frontpage site and sell it for a thousand bucks to some poor sucker that thought it was the coolest think on the Internet. And it may have been back then. But this is now, and customers expect more than the best page in the universe. (Although as a side note… have you read that guy’s stuff? He is crude, rude, borderline institutionally insane… and extremely popular).

But let’s get back on topic. So I hear people all the time say that they just want a simple little blog and maybe a little contact form to generate leads. Sure, WordPress can do that. And WordPress brags about its simplicity of the 5 minute installation process, but the truth of the matter is… if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can actually be leaving yourself open to get hacked.

Because of WordPress’s popularity, they have created a big X on their chest and anyone else using WordPress paints that same target on their own chest. Yes it sucks, but would you rather use Homestead and their 2000 “professional” designs? I have nothing personal against Homestead, but come on… those sites barely looked professional in 1995. You have thousands of free themes on WordPress that look better than the templates you get with many other website builders.

The purpose of this site is to help you understand the risks you are taking when installing a wordpress site. Does that mean you shouldn’t use wordpress??? Of course not! We use WordPress on just about every site we build. As long as you know how to protect yourself against hackers and evil-doers, you will be setting yourself apart from the naive crowd of newbie website owners.

Do yourself a favor, and read as much information on this site as you can. And we promise you’ll walk away with a better understanding of some very simple strategies you can implement to secure your wordpress website from hackers.

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