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I Have the Latest Version of WordPress So I’m Safe. Right?

Wrong! The reason there is even a “latest” version of wordpress is because of the security holes and bugs in the previous version. Sure, they add new features to many of the new versions of wordpress, but have you ever looked at the wordpress bug tracking service at Trac? I know it’s not excited to read… I think I started dozing off after about 30 seconds on the first post. But the site shows the world that even the largest CMS in the world has problems.

What? WordPress isn’t perfect?

If you are reading this post, chances are pretty good you are reading it on a computer. Have you ever downloaded Windows updates on your computer? What about virus software on your computer—do you ever download updates to your virus scanner? Even if you don’t manually run updates, your computer is likely running updates behind the scenes when you aren’t active on your machine.

Technology is growing and changing at an incomprehensible rate. And to keep up with all the changes to the Internet, computers, servers, and various other devices involved with a website, even WordPress has to release updates. Many updates fix problems with the code base used to create the final wordpress site. But many of those updates are specifically targeted at plugging up security holes that hackers discover. In fact, did you know that many companies actually hire hackers to purposely hack their internal systems and corporate websites so they can find security holes before the real hackers get to them?

The team at wordpress does their best to constantly stay ahead of the incessant barrage of attacks from hackers by releasing updates on a regular basis. So you’re right and wrong when you say “I have the latest version of wordpress so I’m safe.”

Yes, you are right in assuming that upgrading to the latest version of wordpress is a good idea. Many of the reasons for releasing a new version of wordpress are security-related. So you should do your best to maintain a current version on your website.

No, you are wrong in assuming the current version of wordpress is a bullet-proof insurance policy on your website security. There are many other things involved with website security that are not related to wordpress at all. Securing wordpress is just one part of a solid website security strategy.

Stay current with the latest version of wordpress. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to secure your site. But don’t rest easy quite yet… there are still many other things you can do to secure your site (many of them extremely easy steps).

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