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Hacker Glossary

  • Gumblar – named after thousands of hacked websites were redirected to malware serving web pages at, and others.
  • Beladen – refers to one of a number of Beladen domains (including the shkarkimi domain name). People redirected to these domains would then be assaulted by malware / computer virus popups. Beladen hacks are written to operate intermittently and sometimes use or mimics google analytlcs scripts. Anti-virus programs often identify this script as JavaScript Obfuscation.
  • Obfuscated code – is a common means hackers code their web page hacks. This makes it harder to find the hacked code on a web page. A server admin searching a server for for hack related text often miss pages injected with obfuscated HTML pages because the obfuscated HTML conceal the usual suspect phrases, etc.
  • Botnet – is a large collection of hacked PCs, sometimes called zombie computers. These PCs once controlled may be used to send junk e-mail or bring down web services . Botnet’s are often the means by which denial of service attacks are initiated.
  • Denial of service attack – or distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), is a distributed attack on a network or service. Because these types of attacks originate from so many locations simultaneously they often result in hours of downtime until mitigated.