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Excellent Article on Password Strength

We wouldn’t keep writing about passwords if we didn’t think it was a big issue. The password dilemma is so big, in fact, that it is probably the top problem we find with hacked websites.

Many people think that hackers are sneaking around their website code for hours trying to find a way in. Although many hackers are very smart and capable of breaking into even tightly secured websites, the truth is many hackers are lazy. They send a robot out to your site to try entering into holes with the least amount of resistance.

We talked about one hole recently when LinkedIn,, and other websites were hacked. When hackers get your account info from those hacked websites, they can often access dozens of other websites you use with the exact same credentials.  Many social media sites, for example, use your email address as your username. So when hackers get your primary email address, they already have half your login information. Then when those hackers get a list of hacked passwords from LinkedIn and other sites that were hacked recently, they may find your password attached to your email address.

People are generally lazy and use the same password on many of the sites they access. But this article from the security website discusses how that is inexcusable and how hacks can be avoided with a few simple tips:

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