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Digital Society Online Services Security Report Card

We recently discussed the Firefox hijacking tool called Firesheep. Basically the tool gives attackers access to your web accounts as you are browsing the Internet (usually in public WiFi areas). We threw up red flags and warned people about the issues. Now there is a new study to backup our stern warnings.

Digital Society online services security report card

Online services security report card

If you are colorblind, you won’t notice all the red, orange, and yellow colors. Essentially anything that isn’t green is a warning flag for us Internet users and website owners. In fact, since this site is specifically talking about WordPress, notice the 2 lines that discuss wordpress security. Basically, if you don’t use some sort of encryption (preferably SSL) for login, you could be getting an “F” score when it comes to website security. But no reason to panic… we talk about all about SSL encryption and other security tips to help boost your security report card.

The figure above is also interesting (borderline scary) as it shows the report for common sites that we often use, such as Gmail, Hotmail, eBay, Flickr, Yahoo, Amazon, and other email services. If you’re interested in the full technical explanation of the scores, we recommend you read the original article at

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