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Another Easy Tool For Website Hackers Released-Firesheep!

Wireless security has always been a matter of concern for anyone that accesses wireless Internet. But the release of a new free Firefox plugin called Firesheep has heightened paranoia of wireless security to a new level. Here’s a quick summary about how this little plugin works. You decide to stop in to a local coffee […]

I’m Not Using the Latest Version of WordPress. Should I Panic?

A swarm of hackers and their robots are lurking around your website. Do you think you should panic? Absolutely! Well… don’t do anything drastic. You don’t need to scream that the sky is falling, but you do need to take action quickly. Calm down and take a deep breath because you can most likely fix […]

I Have the Latest Version of WordPress So I’m Safe. Right?

Wrong! The reason there is even a “latest” version of wordpress is because of the security holes and bugs in the previous version. Sure, they add new features to many of the new versions of wordpress, but have you ever looked at the wordpress bug tracking service at Trac? I know it’s not excited to […]

Is It OK To Outsource Work on My WordPress Site?

This is an interesting question I get from people all the time. While WordPress is certainly a cleaner interface than other content management systems (i.e. Joomla, Drupal, let’s even throw in Pligg to round it out), WordPress still is a technical program with a learning curve. Sure there are themes out there to make your […]