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How Privacy Breach Notification Laws Affect Your WordPress Website

WordPress started as a blogging platform. But as you can read on the official WordPress Stats page, many users such as UPS, CNN, TechCrunch, CNN, and other big names (and of course many other smaller sites you don’t know) use WordPress for various reasons. That is cool because it means you are a part of a […]

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Follow Up on WordPress TimThumb Security Hack

Last month we reported on a wordpress security hole found in the popular script TimThumb.php. If your site got compromised with the TimThumb vulnerability, be sure to check that script to see if it was not modified to act as a backdoor as well. Here’s the code you are looking for: Yikes! That code essentially receives a […]

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Timthumb.php Vulnerability

A popular piece of software called TimThumb (aka “timthumb.php”) was recently found to have a security bug that allows “hackers” to take over Web sites that use it (more info here and here and over at VaultPress). Although TimThumb isn’t specific to WordPress, it is a highly popular WordPress plugin used to resize images on […]

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AddThis, WPtouch, and W3 Total Cache Plugins Hacked

There’s never a lack of news on the Internet regarding hacks and WordPress. You’d think that it would be wise to stay away from WordPress with all the bad news, but I believe the truth is actually quite opposite. Here’s why… WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world, so they are […]

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WordPress.com Hacked!

It’s very unfortunate news, but crap happens. Here’s a comment from one WordPress user on the WordPress news release: Thanks for the update team. Crap happens, but you’re always keeping us up to date. Much appreciated. Hopefully no one was exposed too badly. WordPress.com was hacked today. Matt Mullenweg announced on the WordPress blog that […]

WikiLeaks Hit With 2 Cyber-Attacks

Are you really surprised? I mean seriously… the WikiLeaks hackers have probably made enemies with some of the most powerful people and corporations in the world. Back in the day of the Wild West cowboys, their faces would be plastered on every Wanted poster in the West. Apparently since Sunday, the WikiLeaks site has suffered […]

Bill O’Reilly Website Hack Reminds Us All To Change Passwords

Bill O’Reilly’s website was hacked a couple years ago. We won’t describe the entire story since the details are “old news” and not relevant to the point of this article. Basically, Bill O’Reailly, a popular political commentator, reported a story about a website group that had previously released private information about Sarah Palin. Bill made […]

Digital Society Online Services Security Report Card

We recently discussed the Firefox hijacking tool called Firesheep. Basically the tool gives attackers access to your web accounts as you are browsing the Internet (usually in public WiFi areas). We threw up red flags and warned people about the issues. Now there is a new study to backup our stern warnings. If you are […]

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The Google Redirect Hack

This particular hack can kill your Google rankings. In fact, I have met people that completely lost their revenue from a particular hacked site and ended up throwing their hands in the air and gave up. Remember in another post, we talked about different types of wordpress hackers. One of those hackers is a spam […]

Do You Own a Business? You Could Be At Risk!

Identity theft is rampant and it looks like it’s getting even worse every year. According to Javelin Strategies, a prominent research firm that often reports on identity theft, identity theft crime increased by 11% from 2008 to 2009 affecting the lives of 11 million Americans. If these numbers prove to be a pattern, 1 in […]