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WikiLeaks Hit With 2 Cyber-Attacks

Are you really surprised? I mean seriously… the WikiLeaks hackers have probably made enemies with some of the most powerful people and corporations in the world. Back in the day of the Wild West cowboys, their faces would be plastered on every Wanted poster in the West. Apparently since Sunday, the WikiLeaks site has suffered […]

Bill O’Reilly Website Hack Reminds Us All To Change Passwords

Bill O’Reilly’s website was hacked a couple years ago. We won’t describe the entire story since the details are “old news” and not relevant to the point of this article. Basically, Bill O’Reailly, a popular political commentator, reported a story about a website group that had previously released private information about Sarah Palin. Bill made […] and URL Shorteners Assist With Email Spam

It’s hard to say who is worse… hackers or spammers? Since many of them probably both hack and spam, let’s just clump them all as “The Evil Scum of The Earth”.  You see news stories all the time about burglaries, rapes, identity theft, and many other terrible and horrible things. (It’s really quite depressing to […]

Digital Society Online Services Security Report Card

We recently discussed the Firefox hijacking tool called Firesheep. Basically the tool gives attackers access to your web accounts as you are browsing the Internet (usually in public WiFi areas). We threw up red flags and warned people about the issues. Now there is a new study to backup our stern warnings. If you are […]

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The Most Common Password on the Internet Is [drumroll please]

Can I get a drumroll please? According to The New York Times, the most common password on the Internet is “123456”. Are you kidding me? Why do you even use a password if you’re going to choose that password? A few reasons why people use simple password: It’s easy to remember It’s easy to type […]

Let’s Talk Basics About Hosting

No amount of security on your wordpress website is sufficient if you don’t have a good host. It’s a real shame when I talk to people that feel their website was sufficiently secure and yet they still got hacked. The question they ask is always “Why did I get hacked if my site was secure?” […]

Another Easy Tool For Website Hackers Released-Firesheep!

Wireless security has always been a matter of concern for anyone that accesses wireless Internet. But the release of a new free Firefox plugin called Firesheep has heightened paranoia of wireless security to a new level. Here’s a quick summary about how this little plugin works. You decide to stop in to a local coffee […]

Facebook, Twitter, and Other Big Players Don’t Secure Their Login Pages

I’m going to wag my finger at a few of the bigger websites on the Internet for a few minutes. Hackers run rampant on the Internet. They’re very stealthy, in fact, and you probably don’t even know they are there until some time after they passed by. In fact, they’re a sort of pickpocket thief. […]