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Excellent Article on Password Strength

We wouldn’t keep writing about passwords if we didn’t think it was a big issue. The password dilemma is so big, in fact, that it is probably the top problem we find with hacked websites. Many people think that hackers are sneaking around their website code for hours trying to find a way in. Although […]

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8 Things You Can Do To Prevent Identity Theft

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission estimates that more than 10 million people were victims of identity fraud in 2009, which according to Javelin Strategy and Research, amounted to $54 billion stolen by identity thieves.* Sadly, those numbers will only go up as the data from 2010 and 2011 is collected. Generally I skip over the […]

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A New (and Simple) Strategy for Secure, Essentially Unbreakable Passwords

A recent article on released some fantastic information about how to strengthen your simple password that you likely use on many of your sites. Why are you talking about Passwords again?? Because you haven’t changed your passwords yet you dummy! In my position, I deal with a lot of people and their various websites. […]

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Nobody Is Going To Hack My Wireless Network

“People think, ‘Nobody is going to hack my wireless. What’s important about me? I don’t have that much money in my bank account.'” – Pete Ashdown According to a recent news article, many people assume they are safe because nobody wants what they have. Pete Ashdown continues… “All Wi-Fi manufacturers who make these transmitters (have) […]

Bill O’Reilly Website Hack Reminds Us All To Change Passwords

Bill O’Reilly’s website was hacked a couple years ago. We won’t describe the entire story since the details are “old news” and not relevant to the point of this article. Basically, Bill O’Reailly, a popular political commentator, reported a story about a website group that had previously released private information about Sarah Palin. Bill made […]

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10 Worst Credit Card Mistakes

This post is a little off the “beaten path” of wordpress security. But we have found that too often in our work with clients that the same people that get their websites hacked often have problems with identity theft. The 2 victim parties don’t always overlap, but there seems to be quite the correlation as […]

Do You Own a Business? You Could Be At Risk!

Identity theft is rampant and it looks like it’s getting even worse every year. According to Javelin Strategies, a prominent research firm that often reports on identity theft, identity theft crime increased by 11% from 2008 to 2009 affecting the lives of 11 million Americans. If these numbers prove to be a pattern, 1 in […]