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SOPA and PIPA are acronyms you may have heard by now. Many big companies such as Facebook, Google, and Yahoo have been fighting SOPA for a while and are spending millions of dollars opposing this bill before it passes. [vimeo¬†31100268] Although the talented group of people behind WordPress generally avoid politics given the nature of […]

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Firefox Releases Version 4… Introduces New Security Features

This week Mozilla announced the release of the newest version of its free and open source Web browser. Firefox 4.0 includes a number of features designed to enhance security. Since this wordpress blog is designed to help you with your website security, we think it’s important that you understand browser security. Imagine for a moment […]

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Amazon S3 Now Allows 5TB Files

I’ll confess… I thought I had some pretty large files on my hard drives. It wasn’t like I was walking around all puffed up bragging about my 2GB files, but my head was deflated when I read the Amazon S3 announcement today that S3 upped their storage limits from a single object filesize limit of […]