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Hey! My friend’s email account was hacked!

Have you ever logged into your Hotmail email account and been surprised to see an email from someone you haven’t talked to in years? Don’t open those emails! Do you really think that your old girlfriend or college fling will really email you after all these years? Would that really be the form of communication […] and URL Shorteners Assist With Email Spam

It’s hard to say who is worse… hackers or spammers? Since many of them probably both hack and spam, let’s just clump them all as “The Evil Scum of The Earth”.  You see news stories all the time about burglaries, rapes, identity theft, and many other terrible and horrible things. (It’s really quite depressing to […]

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How to Turn on Hotmail HTTPS Browsing

In our last post, we referenced the Digital Society report card that basically gave Hotmail a D- failing grade. Perhaps that announcement combined with the Firesheep outcry helped prompt an announcement from Microsoft. On Nov 9, 2010, Microsoft announced that Hotmail security improves with full-session HTTPS encryption which means that Hotmail is providing you with […]