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Amazon S3 Now Allows 5TB Files

I’ll confess… I thought I had some pretty large files on my hard drives. It wasn’t like I was walking around all puffed up bragging about my 2GB files, but my head was deflated when I read the Amazon S3 announcement today that S3 upped their storage limits from a single object filesize limit of 5GB to 5TB. That’s not a typo… Amazon Web Services (AWS) has increased the maximum size of files that can be stored on its Simple Storage Service (S3) from 5GB to a whopping 5TB!!

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online storage web service offered by Amazon Web Services. Many websites (including us at Stop WordPress Hackers) use Amazon S3 to host and stream video content. The service is reliable and very inexpensive.

According to Amazon, the change will apparently benefit S3 users who need to store files with high resolution video content, or scientific or medical data. Until now, customers with files larger than 5GB had to store and reference the files as separate chunks of 5 gigabytes (GB) or less. So, when a customer wanted to access a large file or share it with others, they would either have to use several URIs in Amazon S3 or stitch the file back together using an intermediate server or within an application.

I was a little naive I guess thinking that 2GB was a large file. I’ve shot high resolution video and even the uncompressed files were less than 5GB for all the content. So when I read the official Amazon blog post this morning I literally laughed out loud.

So who needs 5TB for a single file?

According to several online sources, Amazon is targeting business from Netflix with this announcement. Read the Gizmodo blog post for more information.

In order to store larger objects you would use the new Multipart Upload API that Amazon released last month to upload the object in parts.

How am I affected by this change?

The benefit is obvious for those storing files larger than 5GB, but for the rest of us, this announcement establishes another milestone of trust for Amazon’s successful S3 service. When companies invest resources into their services at the rate Amazon does with their S3 service, you can be sure that they are constantly fixing bugs, building quality products, and maintaining a competitive advantage. In this case, Amazon reduces their prices pretty regularly. So our vote of confidence continues with Amazon’s latest announcement.

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    Read the new blog post about how to use Amazon S3 to backup your wordpress website:

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