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About Us

WordPress is the most successful Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet. People make arguments that wordpress is not the most elegant or well-written CMS, but there’s one overriding reason why it’s used by more than 13% of the top 1 million websites: it’s easy.

WordPress Is Simple

WordPress is simple for end users (like you) and it’s easy for developers. Webmasters have an easy time navigating the admin portion and updating content, and developers have an easy time building on the open-source code base. That’s why you have a thriving wordpress marketplace. There are literally hundreds of THOUSANDS of themes and plugins available for you to use (a large majority of them absolutely free).

In fact, WordPress is so simple to use that it’s included in the control panels of most web hosting services as a “one-click” installation. We talk in depth throughout this site and in our program about the security risks of these one-click services, but the fact of the matter is that millions of people use it because of how easy it can be to install.

WordPress Suffers From Its Own Success

WordPress is too big for its own good sometimes. WordPress has been installed on sooooo many websites that it has become an easy target for hackers. Essentially every single wordpress website has the same skeleton, so if a hacker can successfully break that skeleton in certain places, he has a good chance of being able to hack into any wordpress website on the Internet.

If You’re Lucky, You Found Our Site Before Your Site Got Hacked

While you may be scared off from the previous paragraph, no need to fear. WordPress’s massive community size actually helps protect your website in a lot of ways. The purpose of Stop WordPress Hackers is to teach you how to protect your site from being hacked. There are many simple, little things that require no technical knowledge you can do to set up safeguards to protect yourself from nasty hackers.

  • There are plugins you can install
  • There are settings you can tweak
  • There are simple code modifications you can make
  • There are correct ways to install your website
  • There are hosts that are better suited to host your website
  • And there are basic rules you can follow to keep your website protected

Our Mission Statement

This site exists because our very own WordPress websites have been hacked in the past. Many of our clients’ sites have been hacked. And judging by the amount of traffic our website receives, there are thousands of people out there that have been frustrated and down-right upset when their websites were hacked.

Our mission is plain and simple… We don’t want your site to get hacked. We empower you with the tools and resources you need to protect your wordpress website from nasty hackers. And if your site has already been hacked, we will educate you on how to fix your site.