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10 Worst Credit Card Mistakes

This post is a little off the “beaten path” of wordpress security. But we have found that too often in our work with clients that the same people that get their websites hacked often have problems with identity theft. The 2 victim parties don’t always overlap, but there seems to be quite the correlation as we have perceived over the years.

MSN Money published a concise “top 10” list of ways to minimize your identity theft (and financial concerns) caused by our best and worst enemy… The Credit Card.

  1. Using your credit card like a debit card
  2. Signing up for a card with an annual fee and not setting a reminder in your calendar
  3. Not properly researching foreign transaction fees
  4. Lending someone your card or card number
  5. Spending more on your card than you have in the bank
  6. Giving anyone other than your spouse signing rights
  7. Not calling to ask to reduce your APR
  8. Signing up for a card to get a free T-shirt or a 10% discount on a $20 shirt
  9. Not properly managing your statement and payments
  10. Not taking advantage of credit card rewards

View the whole article here.


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